Creating Quote as PDF Document in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with Just 1 Click

The usual way of generating quotation document in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is either using a lengthy word mail merge process or by creating the quote template as an SSRS report and then running the report and exporting the document in PDF.

Let’s evaluate the number of steps required for generating a quotation document using SSRS report approach:


Steps Clicks
Open the Quote record form in Dynamics CRM
Click on “Run Report” button on the ribbon 1
Select the Quote report 1
Wait for the report controller to load the report
Click on the “Export” button 1
Select the document format to export 1
Save the document 1
Total clicks 5

Now suppose this quotation needs to be sent to the customer in an email from CRM then the additional steps are:


Steps Clicks
All steps from scenario 1 to be followed 5
Click “Activities” and select email 2
Save email to enable the “attach file” option 1
Click “Attach File”. This opens another window 1
Click “Browse” and select the file from local drive 2
Click “Attach” and then “Close” button 2
Send the email
Total clicks 13


Using Work 365 1-Click PDF solution (free): all of the above steps can be done with just one click!!!

Work 365 1-Click PDF solution provides 2 approaches:

1. Approach1: 1-Click button on ribbon which on-click will provide a pop-up showing all reports

2. Approach2: Custom 1-Click button(s) added to the form (as shown in screenshot below)



On clicking “Download Quote” button, quote report will be downloaded.



Further to get you started, we also provide 3 report templates (Quotation, Account Overview and Contact Overview report) within the 1-Click PDF solution.

The standard report templates available out-of-box in CRM are limited in terms of functionality. If you need to make even a minor change, you need to re-design the entire report using FetchXML (if you intend to use CRM online).

The report templates that we provide work seamlessly in CRM Online as well as On-Premise.

CRM Dynamics is a great platform to build CRM solutions for small business to an enterprise organization.

However, to enhance the platform, add-ons from different partners provide a great way to improve the user experience and improve productivity.

Check out the various add-ons that you can purchase from our online store:


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