Microsoft Dynamics Add-on : Email to Case

The Report Scheduler add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables easy scheduling of CRM reports, thus eliminating the need for manual creation and delivery of critical CRM data. It is a vital tool for any enterprise looking to save administrative time, regardless of whether their CRM instance is on-premise or online. Given the ubiquitous need for reporting and data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, functions from finance to sales to IT to senior management will see increased efficiency and productivity with the Report Scheduler tool.

The Email to Case Automation add-on takes Report Scheduler one step further, helping IT functions to streamline their case management systems.

Email to Case Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013/2015 helps your company efficiently manage the support process by automatically creating cases from emails and auto-populating case fields from the email body.



Email to Case improves the efficiency of your internal case management processes by adding the following features to Dynamics CRM:

  • Automatic Email Linking to contact and/or account
  • Support for Multiple Queues – allows for parallel management of more than one case
  • Spam/Loop Protection – eliminates the risk of your support emails begin captured as spam and prevents email loops for accounts with automated responses
  • HTML Email Capability – allows for more professional branded communications
  • Attachments – automatic file attachment to cases eliminates time-consuming manual steps of locating previous histories and information
  • Notifications – the system will trigger alerts for both external and internal users
  • Customization – your organization’s specific field or process requirements can be incorporated to tailor the tool to your business processes

The tool also increases ROI by reducing the number of clicks per response and the overall amount of time required to respond and resolve each case. From a customer’s point of view, the Email to Case add-on for Dynamics CRM Report Scheduler provides them with an improved, more consistent communication process that allows service representatives to respond to them as individuals with a service history.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the great platform for small businesses and large enterprises alike. To enhance the platform, however, the Email to Case add-on, coupled with Report Scheduler, is a unique resource that helps users solve common challenges that arise with the out-of-the-box instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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