Work 365 Introduces 1 Click PDF Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-on


Work365, introduces the 1-Click PDF Add-On, a productivity solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that converts CRM data and reports into PDF, Word and Excel documents in just 1-Click.   

The 1-Click PDF Add-On is designed to enhance productivity and can be used to generate PDF quotes, orders, invoices, mail-merge, account summary, contact profile, work orders, reports, and charts, in just one click.

Document generation using 1-Click PDF works via a button in the ribbon on top of a grid or form, or via a button within the form. The functionality presents convenient options and three free templates, saving time and enhancing efficiency for users.

Generating a document from CRM is sometimes challenging and involves several steps, sometimes upwards of 5 to 8 clicks, the 1-click pdf automates this and allows the user to do this in 1 single click.

Features of the 1-Click PDF Add-On include:

  • Easy configuration and setup
  • Generate PDF, Word as well as Excel documents from reports
  • Runs from the form as well as grid
  • Ability to save the document locally
  • Ability to save the document directly to notes
  • Ability to attach the document automatically in a new email – ready to send


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