Renamed the label of ‘Provision On’ to ‘Override Provisioning Date’. This field is now a non-mandatory field.
You can specify an Override provisioning date, ONLY if you intend on provisioning the LCL at a later date. By default, its provisions are on the same date as the effective date.

Create & Update event will not populate Override Provisioning date. The user will need to go and update the date manually.

If the job is in In-progress, dispatched, or succeeded, this will not get impacted and the field will not update.
Users will see the warning ‘This change is either already provisioned or is currently being provisioned. Changing the override provision on the date will not have any effect’.

However, other existing jobs should get rescheduled if you are changing the effective date and/or Overriding the provisioning date.

Order Provisioning date