Work 365 users can override the Effective date for the selected subscription and update pricing on Unbilled License Change Logs via the popup in the “Subscription Pricing”.

Navigation: Product Service ➤ Subscription Pricing ➤ select subscriptions by clicking on the checkbox ➤ click on Proceed ➤ to update the fields in the popup

The new Popup window has 2 options available:

  • Override Effective Date for Selected
    • This will have a date picker
      • The date selected can be any the person chooses (even if it’s in the past)
      • Defining this date will override the date set on the “Effective Date” field on the Subscription Pricing page, and instead will populate the date set via the new popup.
    • Update pricing on Unbilled License Change Logs
      • Selecting this will result in unbilled Active License Change Logs of the select subscriptions to be updated with the new pricing.

Subscription price - new UI