Changes to the billing process for NCE (New Commerce Experience) introduced an issue where certain inactive subscriptions would show a credit on the customer’s invoice. This issue appeared for subscriptions that had adjustments applied after deactivation and were usually subscriptions created before the installation of version 3.5.



A fix has been applied which will prevent this issue from recurring. However, we highly recommend reviewing customer invoices that were created after upgrading to 4.0 for any unintended refunds.

This review can be accomplished using the procedure below:

  1. Open Advanced Find
  2. Select “Invoice Products” or “Invoice Lines” in the “Look for” dropdown list.
  3. Ensure that “[new]” is selected in the “Use Saved View” dropdown list.
  4. Fill in the criteria as in the attached screenshot, selecting the “Invoice ID” à “Created On” date to be the date on which Work 365 v4.0 was installed on your Dynamics 365 instance.
  5. Click the “! Results” icon in the ribbon to see the records that satisfy these criteria.
  6. Review the records to see if potentially affected invoices were affected.
  7. If the invoice is not linked to an accounting system yet and not charged, then you may delete the offending lines. If the invoice PDF exists, it will need to be regenerated.
  8. If the invoice was either linked to the accounting system or charged to the client, you may choose to create a new non-recurring item with the difference amount and invoice/charge that item separately.