Issue #8216

Description: The user was unable to add the price for the product that was available in the database. Also, the currency symbol was not reflected correctly on the popup.

This issue was specific to the Brazilian Real currency (BRL).

This issue is now fixed. Users should be able to add price list items. Please notify the Work 365 support team if you still face the same or similar issue.


Issue # 8293

Description: Earlier if a price list item already exists for a product and the user tries to bulk add price list items, the system shows an error message saying that the price list item already exists.

This issue is now fixed. Users should not see errors during bulk edits due to the existing item.

Issue #8193

Description: Product Service has a drag and drops feature to add products. Where a user can simply drag a product in the extreme right column and save the action and receives a success message. The drag and drop feature was not working even after showing the success message.

This issue is now fixed.

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