Here are the updates:

  • The Subscription Page field placement is updated.
  • The SSP should support users to schedule quantity reductions on the term renewal date or within the QRB of the Term renewal date
    • Allow within the window: It will allow creating the SLCL within the window time frame only.
    • Allow – it will not give any error and the system will create an SLCL/ future change.
    • Disallow – it will not allow any changes and will give a validation error
  • Portal Messages: Addressing user feedback certain pages of the self-service portal (like the subscription edit page) will now support displaying a custom message for end-users to see. Article pending on how to set up these messages for the portal.
  • New field for Change Effective available
    • Immediately: for a quantity change to be effective immediately
    • On Renewal: for a quantity change to be scheduled based on the subscription renewal date
    • Custom: for a custom date in the future
  • Quantity Reduction Window: The portal solution now supports the same QRB behavior as is available in the core application regarding the reduction of licenses.

Please follow the steps in the video to upgrade the portal