Advanced Azure
  • A customer facing consumption file is now available for download on the Advanced Azure subscription page.  
  • The Advanced Azure subscription now has two tabs separating the consumption data. 
    • The first is called ‘Usage Summaries’ which is used for Work 365 billing. 
    • The second is ‘Usage Details’ which can be used for reporting (note this data type is not used for billing). 

Navigation: Subscription ▶ Advanced ▶ Click on the download button on the right

Capability to separate tags by columns While downloading the files a new option is available to Separate Tags. If user checks the ‘Separate Tags’ box it will show tags in different columns.

Advanced Azure 01

Removed below columns in the Customer file:

  • ProviderInvoice
  • MarkupPercentage
  • PostTaxEffectiveRate
  • PreTaxEffectiveRate
  • TaxAmount
  • PreTaxCharges
  • PostTaxTotal
  • EarnedCreditPercentage

Renamed Column ListPriceMarkedUp to ListPrice

Added two new sub tabs called ‘Usage Summaries’ and ‘Usage Details’ under ‘Advance’ tab for Advance Azure customers.

  • ‘Usage Details’ Tab contains the unbilled data.
  • ‘Usage Summaries’ contains the Billed data.

Advanced Azure 00