Work 365 users were seeing an error (see below) during the invoicing process.

The invoice gets generated successfully but the billing schedule is not updated and any post invoice processes might fail.

The error see is similar to Error while querying Dynamics. Code: -2147217149.
Message: ‘Invoice’ entity doesn’t contain attribute with Name = ‘work365_invoice_category’ and NameMapping = ‘Logical’. MetadataCacheDetails: ProviderType=Dynamic, StandardCache=True, IsLoadedInStagedContext = False, Timestamp=162073349, MinActiveRowVersion=162073349, MetadataInstanceId=49720917, LastUpdated=2022-09-27 03:39:11.377, OrgId=d48859bd-2211-4f3c-89c8-c5c85572a98b. Inner Fault: Has Inner Fault.

This issue is now fixed.

If you are still seeing the error, please contact Work 365 support.