• With new product service enhancements, users can see updated labels with the Cost price and Selling price on the Product Pricelist page.
    • New buttons that allow bulk updates of product prices or individual prices.
    • Updated product prices will be pushed to the subscriptions to update the subscription prices. This will also support scheduling price updates on the subscriptions based on subscription renewal dates.

Update cost prices and selling prices for the Product price list in bulk or for individual products. The tags help to locate the price change.

Product Service 01

It allows Bulk updates for Cost Price, Selling Price, or for both for the selected products.

  • Bulk update buttons above the price list.
  • Check the marks on the product rows to select the product rows
  • price listed on the product (in black) has cost listed before the price itself.
    • Example: Exchange Online Plan 1 (Cost $5.00 Monthly)

Product Service 02

Update Both – Selling Price & Cost Price

Product Service 03

Update Cost Price Only

Product Service 04

Update Selling Price Only

Product Service 05

Update Multiple Products

Product Service 06