1) A new setting option is available in the Configuration to update the Automatic provider on products after creating a new product via subscription sync.

Note: This option will be available only when “Create Products” is selected as “Yes”.

Update Automatic Provider

2) Provider Selection” setting in Configuration is now deprecated.

Provider Selection Product service

3) The new refresh button is available on product pricing page.

Refresh Button

4) The product pricing page will now highlight the selling price updates.

Earlier we were comparing cost prices to see if there are any price updates. Now the systems will check the selling price for comparison. Once the update is available the product will show the blue tag “price update available”.

Users can see updates via the new field called “Selling Price Updates” on the Product Pricing page. Price can be updated by simply clicking on the “Update” button”. Please make sure to click on the “Create” button to confirm the changes.

Selling price update 1

Selling price update 2

Selling price updates 3