Work 365 Provides More Efficient Processes for Indirect CSP Partners

Microsoft recently announced changes to their requirements for the Direct and Indirect Partners of the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program.

To qualify as a Direct Partner, a CSP will have to purchase a Microsoft Support Plan as well as show that they are capable of providing the following:

For many existing partners, these changes will affect their business. The two support plans offered by Microsoft as a requisite for being a Direct Partner cost $15,000 and $50,000 per year – not something that many CSPs can just do.

Indirect CSP Partners

The best way around these new requirements is to be an Indirect Partner. Indirect Partners receive all the benefits of working with an experienced technology provider to help ensure success while also saving money and remaining eligible for Microsoft competency incentives to help boost their margins.

The indirect model is great for businesses that want to focus on strengthening their cloud service offerings, without having the burden of maintaining multiple systems for billing, provisioning, and support.

As a CSP distributor, Work 365’s suite of apps provides more efficient processes for Indirect Partners, such as: