Introducing Pricing Strategies: Tailored for Microsoft CSP Partners

Microsoft partners operate in a dynamic and competitive environment where an effective pricing strategy is crucial for success. They need flexible and efficient ways to manage pricing to maximize profitability, accommodate regional differences, and cater to different business stages. Here are the key reasons why partners need different pricing strategies: Regional Pricing Variations: Microsoft partners […]

Navigating Challenges: Why I Pivoted the Business by Ismail Nalwala

The Fall of Raftar: Lessons Learned The first sale is the easiest one! Through a consulting engagement, which landed in my lap, I had solved a problem around sales inventory tracking using RFID for a large medical device manufacturer. I thought I could convert the solution into a product. I used my consulting income, raised […]

Mastering Billing and Subscription Strategies for Microsoft Partners

Recurring Revenue Billing Models Since Microsoft launched the CSP program, several billing models and subscription management options have been available for CSP partners. This blog aims to explain partners’ different options and help you establish the vocabulary if you are new to recurring billing. Understanding the nuances of these billing strategies and models can impact […]

Direct Billing vs. Indirect Reselling: Which Path Suits Your Business Best?

Unveiling the Power of Work 365: A Partner Solution Showcase at SummitNA

Renewal Management Complexities and How CSPs can deal with it effectively

Dealing with customers and billing relationship issues usually brings psychological complexity. When dealing with New Commerce Experience (NCE) clients, this challenge becomes even more complex. The administration of the total renewals process is quite a task consisting of several parts – from keeping subscriptions on track to the outgoing renewal reminders and devising retention systems. […]

Comparing Work 365 and CSP Control Center: Why Work 365?

Work 365 and CSP Control Center are SaaS applications used by Microsoft CSP partners to automate and manage Microsoft Cloud subscriptions and products. Microsoft requires Direct CSP Partners to implement an order processing and a billing automation system as part of the Microsoft CSP program requirements. At the outset, Work 365 and CSP Control Center […]