Grow or Die – The Mindset that Shapes the Culture at Work 365

The Real Meaning of Career (and Professional) Growth at Work 365

Work 365 – The Employee-Centric Workplace

Proration can be controlled at a billing contract level

Work 365 Newsletter November 2020

Work 365 Spotlight: Upcoming release 3.5 Things you may have missed! Microsoft CSP Announcements: Microsoft Announces a Performance Standard Survey of CSP Partner Feedback and Reactions to Microsoft CSP Announcement Upcoming Events Latest Blog: Considerations for Direct Bill CSPs with Microsoft’s New Requirements Looking ahead in 2020 2020 is winding down! 2020 was a year […]

Work 365 Newsletter June 2020

Work 365 Spotlight: Release 3.1 Here is Some Stuff you may Have Missed! Microsoft Partner Agreement implementation update Applicable Online Webinars and Events Work 365 Office Hours: Join us for our Office Hours Sessions! Extend Work 365 with PowerApps Automate Together In this Together Over the last few months, we have all adopted a new […]

Work 365 Newsletter January 2020

Work 365 Spotlight: Upcoming release 3.0 Microsoft CSP Announcements: Microsoft’s Modern Commerce Experience and the Azure Plan Work 365 Office Hours: Join us for our Work 365 Office Hours Latest Blogs: How Manual Processes in Your Business Can Be Hindering your Growth Looking ahead in 2020 Goodbye to 2019 and Getting going with 2020! 2019 […]

Work 365 2.7 Fall 2019 Release

Version 2.7 addresses the core needs around business insights and self-service.