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Over the last few months, we have all adopted a new way of life.

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Work365 Spotlight
What is Inside 3.1? Here are some of the highlights!

  • Provisioning
    • More Intelligence with Provisioning
    • Visibility into the Synchronization between Partner Center and Work 365
  • Billing
    • We support Invoicing now in French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Russian, and Portuguese
  • Payments
    • Work 365 Payment Processor with PayNow


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Information you Should Know
Here is Some Stuff you may Have Missed!

Extend Work 365 with PowerApps Automate: Expand your Work 365 App capabilities using PowerApps, Power Portal, Power Automate, and Power BI to manage processes and drive outcomes. From license change notifications to complex business processes.

Collecting Cash Fast is one of the key metrics for building a successful recurring revenue business. Very often the longer it takes to collect cash the higher the risk of collecting that cash correctly. Collect payments automatically through cards using integrations to Global leaders in payment services.

CSP News
Microsoft Partner Agreement Implementation Update Applicable

All partners in the CSP Program should have accepted the agreement for all of their transacting CSP tenants.

To help prevent any disruption to business, Microsoft decided to extend the next phase of implementation. If you have not done so already, please complete the following actions. CSP Overview in Partner Center.

Online Webinars and Events
Online Webinar and Events

Accounting Integration with your Work 365 Billing System: Building recurring revenue means being able to invoice on flexible schedules including monthly, annual, and sometimes quarterly frequencies.

Reconciliation in Work 365: One very important question we get very often from Finance and Accounting teams is how does Work 365 help with CSP reconciliation?

Reconciliation of vendor invoices is an important accounting function and in the Microsoft CSP partner world, that means reconciling your customer billing with your invoices from Microsoft or your distributor.

Take the Work 365 Assessment

The Work 365 assessment helps you gain perspective on the benefits and costs associated with running a Subscription-based CSP business. Take the assessment now and then again for a few months and compare your results to analyze the progress you have made. Take our cloud assessment test.

Leverage the Work 365 Course

Found directly in the application, the Role-based content offers users of the application training and helpful tips and guidance on Work 365 capabilities.


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Work 365 Events

Work 365 Office Hours: Join our Office Hours Sessions! ​​

Learn how to use Work 365 in various methods, best practices, and insights you have not seen before! Sign up for the Work 365 Office Hours.

Live Training

Work 365 Webinar: Renewal Management for Recurring Revenue

In this event, you will learn how to get started with Renewal Management!

  • Best Practices – Who should be responsible for Renewals
  • Automating Renewals
  • Managing dates and pricing around renewals using Work 365

Register now to learn about management and best practices for Recurring Revenue.

Thursday, June 18th, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM EST

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Latest Blog Article

Extend Work 365 with PowerApps Automate

Work 365 is built on the PowerApps platform as a native Dynamics Application. With Automatic provisioning capabilities changes to licenses from within the Dynamics 365 application get provisioned automatically to the Microsoft Partner Center and distributors like TechData and Synnex.

This also means that your end customers who use the Work 365 self-service portal can add or reduce the number of licenses and have them provisioned directly with the providers.

Changes to licenses from the Portal get synced back to Work 365 and then provisioned automatically. From a service standpoint, it is very important that these provisioning changes are tracked and managed.

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