A Webinar Recap of Sales Tax Management with Work 365 and Avalara Integration

In this post, we are thrilled to divulge details from a recent joint workshop between Work 365 and Avalara that majored in billing/invoicing integration.

The presenters were Michelle Tallada Sales Executive from Avalara, and Kayla Van Baak, Director of Customer Success at Work 365. They provided insightful information about the complexities of sales tax, how the integration between Avalara and Work 365 simplifies procedures as well as a step-by-step guide towards implementing the process.

Why Is Sales Tax So Complex?

One of the main topics that was brought up was sales tax in the United States which is greatly complex.

Michelle Tallada said that there are more than 13,000 tax jurisdictions in the US, and these are all different, some with different laws and regulations. The constant alteration of a tax law, rates, and rules makes manual compliance too hard.

The Complexity of Sales Tax

Michelle delved deeper into the challenges businesses face with sales tax compliance.

She highlighted the fact that tax regulations are as dynamic as the e-invoicing regulations and over 60 countries have already adopted or planned to adopt such laws.

Avalara provides a complete range of solutions aimed at establishing sales tax compliance rules, namely Nexus, tax collection proper calculation accuracy, sales exemption management, and filing returns.

Avalara and Work 365 Integration

Kayla Van Baak took the stage to demonstrate how Work 365 seamlessly integrates with Avalara to simplify tax management.

Work 365, a subscription management and billing automation application built on Dynamic CRM and Power Platform, is used by Microsoft CSP Partners worldwide. The integration with Avalara enhances Work 365’s capabilities, particularly in handling complex tax requirements for US taxes.

Setting Up Avalara Integration

Kayla provided a step-by-step guide on how users can set up Avalara integration within the Work 365 platform.

This process encompasses billing tax categories, connecting products with tax codes, and finalizing precise location data for accurate tax computation.

The integration enables users to avail of Avalara’s top app solution validations without worrying about steady updates and verification.

The Power of Avalara’s APIs

Michelle highlighted Avalara’s best-in-class APIs, which connect seamlessly with various systems, including Work 365.

These APIs automate the tax calculation process, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in rates and compliance with changing regulations.

The partnership between Avalara and Work 365 provides users with an accuracy guarantee on tax rates, minimizing the risk of errors.

Avalara APIs

Addressing Concerns and Questions

The webinar ended with a Question and Answer Session (Q & A) and the attendees’ questions were addressed. This list comprised of topics e.g. pricing structures, compatibility with different software for accounting, and tackling possible compliance issues.  

Attendees were alerted to complimentary access to Avalara’s risk-free one-year Nexus study for a year that would help businesses with insights into whether they are tax-compliant or not.

How to Get Started

For existing Work 365 users, reaching out to their dedicated Customer Success Manager is the first step to exploring and activating the Avalara integration.

Non-Work 365 users interested in integrating Avalara into their billing processes can contact [email protected] for more information or Schedule a Demo with our salesperson now.

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry! You can watch the webinar recording here – Work 365 and Avalara Integration for Billing and Invoicing