Simplify Office 365 Environments by Delegating Administrative Privileges

How to customize management of multiple domains using WORK 365’s Delegated Admin App for Office 365 

The larger your company, the more domains your IT department will likely be managing. And while Microsoft’s Office 365 has made overseeing user access and privileges for global administrators much easier, there are a few areas where Office 365 falls short when supporting staff who require cross-domain access or groups of users from different domains who require certain privileges.  

Specifically, global administrators who support staff working across multiple domains face the choice of either: 

  1. Authorizing every change on every domain level, a time-consuming chore which might require hiring more administrators


  1. Granting adminprivileges to a number of users who might not need them, which carries a risk of error 

WORK 365’s latest application, Delegated Admin, solves Office 365’s cross-domain administration issue by creating the ability to grant domain management access vertically, not just horizontally, across all administrative levels.  


Let’s review an example. A large organization with offices in different countries will most likely have a domain for each of those countries. Currently in Office 365, if our example company needed to grant administrative privileges for a certain set of users in each country, the only way to do so is to make those users “global administrators”. While this can be done, your IT team would also be granting these users authority over all domains, not just the ones they are responsible for. 

Using WORK 365’s Delegated Admin for Office 365, your global admin can create a group of Delegated admins in each country, who are then given the appropriate levels of access for only their domains. This feature ensures a more efficient and time-saving flow of administrative privileges without the need for direct supervisor permission.   

Get a free trial or request a demo try out the product and see how it enhances the administrative experience for all Dynamics users.  

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