The subscription-based services and other recurring billing activities have risen to the top among the necessary components of a business whose goals are to grow and expand.

However, the adoption of digital technologies might fully automate some processes resulting in the labor coming down, and other processes being revised, which would lead to improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction and may catch up the market with growth potential, bringing higher revenue.

Empowering Subscription Management

Chris, a dedicated business owner, had a vision for his subscription-based business. However, managing subscriptions and recurring billing turned out to be a complex task. Work 365 came to the rescue, built on Dynamics Sales and Power Platform, augmenting its functionality for managing subscriptions and recurring revenue. With Work 365, Chris could seamlessly align billing processes with sales, optimizing operational efficiency.

Chris, like many others, was struggling to handle subscription price changes and billing effectively. Invoicing, billing, renewals, and integrating these processes with his existing sales operations seemed like a maze. But with Work 365, it all fell into place. Not only did it streamline his billing and invoicing, but it also empowered him to understand his subscription data better, enabling strategic decision-making and ultimately driving growth.

As Chris experienced firsthand, Work 365 is a game-changer for subscription-based businesses. But how does it work? How can it seamlessly integrate into the existing systems and optimize operations?

Join Us at SummitNA: Partner Solution Showcase Session

Join us at the upcoming Summit North America (SummitNA) event to explore Work 365, a powerful solution built on the Dynamics Sales & Power Platform.

We invite you to a session that offers an in-depth understanding of Work 365, showcasing how it can be leveraged to maximize Dynamics Sales & Power Platform capabilities, driving recurring revenue growth and efficient subscription management.

A Sneak Peek at Work 365’s Innovations during the Session

  1. Understanding Work 365: Gain insights into how Work 365 is built on the Dynamics Sales & Power Platform, augmenting its functionality for robust recurring revenue growth and subscription management.
  2. Efficient Subscription Billing: Explore how Work 365 seamlessly handles billing processes, aligning with sales activities and optimizing operational efficiency.
  3. Navigating Renewals: Discover how Work 365 does the job of renewal processes by simplifying and automating it, which ultimately results in increased customer retention and hence revenue growth.
  4. Integration Showcase: Would you need to set up third-party integrations with accounting systems and payment gateways? If not, Work365 provides all the tools that will simplify your financial processes and allow you to see all your business operations in one view. 
  5. Customization and AI Integration: Get to know how Work 365 can be adapted to the business needs through customization integration with AI and take the performance potential to a new level. 

Partner Solution Showcase

Session: Maximizing Dynamics Sales & Power Platform: Unleashing Recurring Revenue Growth and Empowered Subscription Management


Explore the untapped potential of Dynamics Sales & Power Platform that goes beyond traditional sales tracking and contact management. Led by Ismail Nalwala, CEO of Work 365, this engaging session seamlessly blends business insights with technical expertise, offering actionable insights for end users and partners.

Delve into how Work 365 propels Dynamics Sales & Power Platform into a driver of recurring revenue growth. Gain an understanding of billing and subscription management as it aligns with revenue operations, and experience firsthand the seamless integration of Work 365 with Microsoft Business Applications and Power Pages, creating a unified and efficient ecosystem.

Work 365 has been successfully implemented by CSPs and ISVs, aligning billing with sales seamlessly, streamlining revenue operations, and optimizing subscription management. This integration has resulted in improved recurring revenue growth and increased operational efficiency.

Whether you’re an end-user seeking a holistic solution or a partner looking to differentiate your offerings, this session equips you with practical foundations to leverage Work 365 effectively.

Come and participate in our knowledge-packed SummitNA session, unraveling firsthand how Work 365 can reshape your approach to Dynamics Sales & Power Platform. Prepare to immerse yourself in an actionable learning experience, setting the stage for a future of enhanced efficiency and growth.

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