Work 365 Newsletter January 2019

First off, a very Happy New Year! We are excited to kick off 2019 with our first newsletter and some exciting announcements. We finished 2018 with the release of version 2.0 thanks to all the great feedback we received from Partners. Last year was full of CSP program changes and updates and we are happy to report that we kept up with them!

  • Microsoft started the year out with the Billing re-alignment for CSP partners (no more free periods)
  • Direct Partners needed to invest a Billing Automation System, and Advance Support for Partners
  • Acceptance of Microsoft Cloud Agreements was enforced in November
  • Product changes – more products are available through the CSP program
  • Azure Program changes with the availability of Reserved Instances

Our focus in 2018 was Scaling the cloud business with Profitability in mind. Our efforts through the year culminated in version 2.0 which was focused on streamlining internal partner operations like Billing, Subscription Management, Provisioning, Bundling and Payment collections.

Current Motion and Development

Our efforts in 2019 will be around enabling outstanding customer experiences. We will leverage the power of Dynamics 365, e-commerce, Azure and AI to create Self-service scenarios for your end-customers. Looking forward to seeing you at the Philadelphia IAMCP New Kick-off event! Thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming events throughout the year!

– Ismail Nalwala
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Inside Work 365

Work 365 Spotlight

Latest Release 2.0

Work 365 version 2.0 has many new features!

  • Process customer payments for any invoice in Work 365 using
  • Includes Billing Contract level support for Processing of Refunds
  • Complete subscription life-cycle management from with Work 365 from provisioning to suspension and de-provisioning
  • Address Microsoft’s new Partner Center API security requirements due to the integration between Work 365 and Partner Center
  • Advanced error handling for Provisioning Failures. The license changelogs will show error details.
  • Enhanced Billing Contract Forms includes Agreements, Invoices and Contract Values

Track all your Provider Invoices data in Work 365. Provider invoices include License data from Partner Center for ease of license reconciliation.

Work 365 Release

New Version 2.0 Enables Partners to Manage Customer Payments within Work 365

Partners can now manage payment profiles and process payments in Work 365. A Work 365 payment profile will include a name “credit card ending in xxxx,” Account Name, a processor number reference, and date history. Payment profiles can either be created by the Partner or by sending a profile request directly to the customer. Work 365 payment processing is fully PCI compliant! Credit Card data is not stored or saved within Work 365 Application. The payment profile request can be branded.

When you are ready to charge the customer, just click on “Charge Invoice” button that appears on the top of the invoice form, select an existing payment profile and enter the amount to charge. The full invoice amount will automatically populate, but partial payments are also an option.


Work 365 Pricing Changes

Effective January 1st, 2019, Work 365 will be available on an Annual pricing basis. Current users of Work 365 will have the option of maintaining their monthly subscriptions or moving to the new annual model.

CSP Microsoft Announcements 

Microsoft has announced that MFA will be enforced for PartnerCenter access starting February 4, 2019. Partner accounts that access the PartnerCenter UI and/or use the API must have multifactor authentication enabled. In addition, the MFA solution needs to be Azure AD compatible. Partner’s having Azure AD Premium Plan 1 or higher will be able to leverage this to meet the MFA requirements. Partner’s that work with a CPV (Control Panel Vendor) such as Work 365 will need to provide consent from an MFA enabled account for the CPV solution to continue working for the partner. Refer the FAQ for details.


Work 365 Training Sessions

Bi-weekly Training Sessions

These sessions will be designed for Work 365 beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. We are looking for feedback on what questions you have, and specific examples or situations are highly encouraged. Furthermore, these sessions will be open-ended to address all questions Partners have. To submit feedback or a question you would like us to address, please send it here.

Register your feedback at

Register for bi-weekly training sessions at

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So incentive plans are important for several reasons:

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  • Exceeding sales goals
  • Fostering teamwork
  • Improving employee retention
  • Motivating sales staff
  • Rewarding employees
  • Rewarding extraordinary Service and Top performers

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