Work 365 Newsletter November 2018

Work 365 Spotlight

Upcoming release 2.0 – Available Early December

Work 365 version 2.0 has many new features to look forward to! Microsoft CSPs will now be able to:

  • Process customer payments for any invoice in Work 365.
  • Manage license reconciliation across Providers.
  • Leverage enhanced customer reports and change logs on the self-service portal.
  • Address Microsoft’s new Partner Center API security requirements due to the integration between Work 365 and Partner Center.
  • Provision customers for Partner Center set up billing contracts, and provision licenses all within the Work 365 allowing Partners to manage the entire deal closing process for sales within one solution.

Work 365 Release

New Version 1.8 Simplifies Deal Closing Process from Sales to Support 

Through the new Work 365 Onboarding workflow, Work 365 users can now close deals easier and faster than ever! After a deal is closed, Work 365 users can provision tenants, set up customer billing contracts and subscriptions, and provision licenses all within Work 365! This cuts downtime and energy spent moving between different systems during the deal closing process allowing Partners to scale their business quicker and more profitably.

To see the detailed process on the customer Onboarding Workflow, you can check out this published Press Release Work 365 Solves Tough Customer Onboarding Issues for CSPs


CSP Microsoft Announcements 

Microsoft has introduced a new security model for access to Partner Center APIs. This model is built on the Azure AD consent framework and is aimed at eliminating the need for providing user credentials to access the Partner Center APIs. This is especially relevant in the case of partners that use a Control Panel Vendor (CPV); which is a third-party ISV (such as Work 365) that provides billing and automation services to CSP partners. In an effort further, improve security, CPVs will now be required to register with Microsoft. The implementation date of this is 12-Dec-18, and the enforcement date is 4-Feb-19.

Microsoft also announced that Multifactor Authentication (MFA) will be mandatory for access to the Partner Center portal. CSP partners that connect to the Partner Center portal will now be required to have an MFA solution (Microsoft or Third Party) before they will be able to log in and perform operations from within the Partner Center portal. This will be enforced as of 4-Feb-19.

The deadline for tracking the signing of the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) came into effect on 7-Nov-18. While executing the MCA was always a part of the CSP agreement, Microsoft now requires that the MCA details be tracked in Partner Center. For those that are using Partner Center APIs, this deadline is extended until 22-Mar-19.

Finally, Microsoft has tweaked the process for CSP authorization. The invitation link of CSP authorization now points to Microsoft Store for Business and has an option to remove Delegated Administration. Until now, Partners got DA privileges when they got authorized as a CSP for a tenant. With this change, partners are now able to select whether they want to get DAP access on a customer tenant.


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