Downloading or Emailing Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports as PDF, word or excel document in just 1 click

One common issue with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is generating reports and extracting that data into a pdf document format. This is process is cumbersome and involves a lot of steps and clicks.

It can take about 13 clicks to export a quote to PDF from CRM report and then finally get a chance to send it or email it. This is time-consuming and frustrating for users.

So to speed up this process, we decided to automate all the steps.

First, let me provide some context: for purposes of this discussion, I’ll be referring to the Work 365 1-Cick PDF solution which is a productivity enhancement for generating pdf, word or excel documents from the report on the fly on click of a button.

There is a configuration entity where we store details like the entity, report, action (Download, Attach to email, Attach to notes), File format (PDF, Word, Excel). Now all these parameters are tied to an action ID which is linked to a button. Thus on click of a button, all the above steps run in an automated fashion.

Below screen shows the configuration entity:

configuration entity

This custom button (which is a web resource) can be placed by CRM admin anywhere on the CRM form as shown in the screenshot below:


Here three custom buttons have been added to the Quote form :

  • Download Quote – Downloads the PDF copy of quote report locally (You could configure it to get a word or excel too if needed)
  • Email Quote – Generates the pdf of quote report on the fly and creates an email activity with this report added as an attachment
  • Attach to Notes – Generates the pdf of quote report on the fly and attaches this to the notes section.

Another approach is to click the 1-Click PDF button from the ribbon of the form or grid and then select the report to run.

Below screenshot shows running the Account Overview report by clicking 1-Click PDF button from the form ribbon.


Below screenshot shows running the Account Overview report by clicking 1-Click PDF button from the account grid ribbon (multiple records selected):


Below screenshot shows running the contact profile report by clicking the custom button that has been added to Contact form:


The above 3 reports (Account Overview, Contact profile, Quote) discussed in this blog are provided as free report samples to get you started fast. The standard report templates available out-of-box in CRM are limited in terms of functionality.

If you need to make even a minor change, you need to re-design the entire report using FetchXML (if you intend to use CRM online). The report templates that we provide work seamlessly in CRM Online as well as On-Premise.

CRM Dynamics is a great platform to build CRM solutions for small business to an enterprise organization.

However, to enhance the platform, add-ons from different partners provide a great way to improve the user experience and improve productivity.

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