Copying or Cloning a Dynamic Marketing List in Dynamics 365

Why Cloning a Marketing List Needs

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Marketers works with data constantly and need to segment this data using filters from various fields. These filters are used to build marketing lists.

Dynamics 365 uses Dynamic Marketing Lists which essentially means that members of this list itself are queried dynamically to satisfy the filter conditions. So when new contacts are created, they are automatically included in this list as long as they satisfy the filter criterion.

The issue is that sometimes these filter conditions are complex and new marketing lists need to be created from these existing ones. You just need to tweak a field or value of a field. What makes this issue challenging is the fact that Dynamics 365 does not have an out-of-the-box record copying or cloning function for these marketing lists.

Currently, if you wanted to duplicate a marketing list on Dynamics 365, you would have to manually recreate all the filters for each additional copy. Even though the change you are making to the copy is minor. Some marketing lists can get very detailed and complex. This allows a large room for error when copied manually.

Record Clone

Some 3rd Party solutions in Dynamics 365 have realized that a need to clone and copy records seems to be an ongoing need and is a time saver. In these situations, the out of the box entities does not have copy or cloning capabilities. The only real option is to manually recreate these records or use a record copy or cloning solution like Work 365’s Record Clone for Dynamics 365.

The Work 365 Record Clone add-on or plugin allows one-click duplication of parts of our entire marketing lists, or any other custom or out of the box entity. These duplicated records can then be modified or customized however you wish and saved for use.



Steps Needed to Cloning a Dynamic Marketing List in Dynamics 365 CRM:


Step 1: Configure the base Marketing List to Clone: This is just a one-time setup step.

Note that only dynamic marketing lists are supported and not static through the cloning function.


Configuring Cloning of Marketing List 

Step 2: Click the Clone button!


Cloning Marketing Lists


Here, we have a Dynamic Marketing List of all my customers for Report Scheduler App whose territory in Europe. I can easily clone this and create another marketing list for another Territory or application with just a couple of clicks.

We could repeat this very easily and create multiple lists in a matter of couple minutes. And if we had to re-create all of them because my base list had an issue that’s when I can save a lot more time.  

Work 365 Clone App can be configured for any out-of-box entity as well as Custom entities.