Make Your Data Work for You : The Answer to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Data Retrieval

Why Report Scheduler Needs

A common challenge for many Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users is the retrieval of “Reports” on a consistent and customizable basis. Not everyone who needs certain data sets has the necessary skills or knowledge to extract what they need, and even for those who are trained, manually extracting data is a drain on time and resources.

For example, let’s say that the accounting team and sales team each need their own sets of data which all exist in one general report. Accounting needs trial dates and revenue from subscriptions while the sales team needs to lead source information and referrals.

That’s where the WORK 365’s Report Scheduler App comes in. This Dynamics CRM app enables the automatic sending of data sets in customizable report formats. These reports can be sent to defined user groups on set schedules and can be accessed in an online environment (including mobile phones).

So, the sales team can get completely customized reports sent to them at the frequency they need or desire, with the appropriate information they need while the accounting team can also get their own reports customized by information and the schedule they need as well.

This allows for efficient allocation of resources while also saving time and money by allowing each department or team to receive exactly what they are looking for without having to go through multiple channels or providing extra work.

How Report Scheduler Helps

Let’s take a look at a sample scenario to see how the WORK 365’s Report Scheduler App can help Dynamics CRM users.

Sample Scenario: A Sales Manager would like to receive a report on leads at 4.00pm every day of new leads added in Dynamics 365 by his/her team.

Step 1: Create a Personal View for Leads with the filter condition “Created On”: “Today”:

Report Scheduler Example 1

Step 2: Schedule the view for email delivery using the Report Scheduler App as shown below by customizing delivery and schedule options according to who will receive the report and the frequency of delivery:

Report Scheduler 2

As shown below, Dynamics 365 CRM data has been received in email both inline as well as in an attachment, which can be opened on any device including mobile phones.

And that’s it! The report will now be delivered to the appropriately designated recipients following the schedule and frequency are chosen in the delivery option setup.

See how WORK 365’s Report Scheduler App for Dynamics 365 can make your report maintenance and data retrieval easier and more efficient by getting a FREE TRIAL TODAY!