WORK 365 today announced the release of the new Attachment Manager app for Microsoft Dynamics 365

All businesses and organizations at some point face the same problem – too much data and not enough storage. The standard solution is to just purchase more storage; we’ve all done this at one point whether it be for our computer hard drives, SD cards for phones and cameras, or upgrading current storage capacity online. This solution, however, is not only inefficient but also can be extremely costly, with CRM users often spending on average $5 per gigabyte per month on Dynamics 365.  

The Attachment Manager App by WORK 365 solves this issue by tackling the problem at its root: the attachments themselves. Using Attachment Manager, any attachments sent or received in Dynamics 365 will automatically be relocated to Azure BLOB storage outside of Dynamics CRM. Any attachments of notes created will similarly be relocated; the attachments of email or notes will then be replaced in Dynamics 365 with a link that will take you directly to the file saved in Azure BLOB storage once opened.

Click on the link to view the published Press Release WORK 365 Uses Azure to Slash Dynamics 365 Storage Costs