Innovative New Solution Helps Microsoft CSP Partners Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Work 365 eliminates billing and invoicing challenges for Microsoft CSP Partners.

RESTON, Va. – March 1, 2018 – Today, Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, IOTAP announced the launch of its innovative Work 365 Apps, a fully integrated customer experience platform for Microsoft Partners and Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) built on Dynamics 365.

Work 365 helps Microsoft CSP Partners to grow revenue, provide exceptional customer service, and increase profit margins by unifying common functional areas in a single solution. These areas include:

  • Billing and Invoicing for Cloud and Subscription Service
  • Customer Service and Incident Management
  • Self Service and Automatic provisioning
  • E-commerce and payments

Ismail Nalwala, IOTAP‘s co-CEO said,

“This system was built to overcome the challenges that Microsoft CSP Partners face every day when handling customer billing, subscription, and service management.”

“Our solution is built on Dynamics 365 using the Partner’s IURs, which allows the partner to keep ownership of all the data. Dynamics 365 is at the core of the digital transformation agenda and partners that use Dynamics 365 to run their business will be able to help their own customers with these initiatives.”

Work 365 empowers Microsoft to direct and indirect CSPs to deliver exceptional customer service experiences by simplifying the sales and billing process so that Partners can focus on creating unique service and product offerings that help them stand out and grow.
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