Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Best Reporting App

Earlier in this space, we reviewed why anyone who wants to streamline the data delivery process should consider installing the Report Scheduler add-on for Dynamics CRM. The features of the Report Scheduler tool have been built specifically to address the pain points of regular data reporting experienced by any Dynamics CRM user.

Recurring and Automated Report Delivery for Dynamics CRM
It is no secret that actionable data and information is the fuel for the daily professional lives of sales, finance managers, IT technicians, and a variety of other positions, not the least of which is senior management. Custom CRM reports, dashboards, and scorecards provide a quick and easy snapshot of KPIs that have been deemed critical to the success of any organization. With the Report Scheduler add-on for Dynamics CRM, custom-identified data can be delivered instantly to any mailbox with a frequency selected by the user. The Dynamics Report Scheduler tool can generate reports of data such as:

  • Daily report of new leads
  • Approaching contract expiration dates
  • Opportunities won
  • Cases created or resolved
  • Upcoming client birthdays and anniversaries

Scheduled Dynamics CRM Backups
The email attachment feature for Dynamics Report Scheduler gives CRM administrators the ability to regularly deliver actionable data in the form of a CSV or TXT file. The CRM add-on eliminates the painstaking need for CRM development and allows users to configure reports on a daily basis.

Report Security in Dynamics CRM
Secured distribution with Report Scheduler for Dynamics CRM allows you to block email addresses and domains from receiving scheduled reports and internal data. This feature is helpful for any enterprise, but for small businesses with numerous third-party relationships, it aids in the protection of intellectual property, customer data, and financial records.

Grouping, Sorting, and Totaling
The Report Scheduler CRM add-on is more than just a data-delivery mechanism. It also offers the ability to collate information based on the specifications you require. Whether you’re trying to prioritize sales prospects, identify delinquent customer accounts, or even organize accounts payable data, Microsoft Dynamics Report Scheduler’s ability to group, sort, and/or total information is an easy way to maximize your efficiency.

Delivery to Non-CRM Users
A common occurrence within organizations that have deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the requirement of non-users to receive and analyze data from the CRM tool. Ordinarily, this means that an existing user must wait to receive a request and then manually collect the necessary information through a series of views and sorts in Dynamics. With the Report Scheduler Dynamics add-on, however, even non-users can receive your customized automated reports. This feature can be an especially helpful time saver in response to the regular dashboards and reports often required by senior managers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great platform to build solutions for small businesses and large enterprises alike. To enhance the platform, however, the Report Scheduler add-on from Work 365 is a unique solution to solve the common challenge of data reporting and regular delivery.

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