Report Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics CRM: What People Are Saying

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a great platform for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Whether online or on-premise, Dynamics provides effective solutions to a variety of functions, including sales, finance, account management, HR, and others.

Building on this strong platform, the Report Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables easy scheduling of CRM reports, letting you automatically send CRM data to colleagues (including non-CRM users) or recipients that are outside your organization.

Gareth Sullivan and Robert Lusk, Technology Specialists from Microsoft, have recognized Report Scheduler as one of the Top 10 Solutions in the Dynamics Marketplace, but you don’t have to take just their word for it.

Here’s What Current Users of Report Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are saying:

“Finally, a solution for scheduling reports for a CRM 2011 Online implementation. We have been looking for this for some time and even ‘hacked’ out a solution using workflows, but our home-grown solutions were difficult to maintain and impossible to deploy to anybody other than senior technical staff used to debugging code.

We can now distribute views out on a variety of updates (opportunities, customer cases etc) for different audiences, different levels of interest/needs and it’s all done automatically.

Report Scheduler is so easy to set-up and deploys that we have already issued the instructions out to department heads / key staff so they can start producing their own scheduled reports without having to wait for IT.

I’m very impressed with the speed of development (we’re already two versions on with new features being added all the time) and the close contact with the commercial and support staff of Work 365 – my own issues and questions are answered very quickly and our ideas for future features are taken seriously.”

“I’m very happy with the ‘Report Scheduler Add-On’ product produced by Work 365 Apps for Dynamics CRM. It took me out of a bind and the installation and setup were both very straightforward.”

“The sub-totaling in Report Scheduler v5.0 has been a huge value-add. Work 365 Apps support has been very responsive! Easy to build, maintain and edit.”

“Great support, extremely reliable and quick to respond. We had a few questions at deployment, and immediately had a share session with their support team. I would recommend this product to any organization as it is a fair price and will really streamline information within your Dynamics CRM system!”