Report Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premise

Report Scheduler add-on

WORK 365’s Dynamics 365 Report Scheduler add-on enables easy scheduling of CRM data and works for CRM Online as well as On-Premise.

Using WORK 365’s Dynamics 365 CRM Report Scheduler solution, you can automatically send reports (CRM View) via email to your colleagues, executive management, and non-CRM users in a recurring weekly or monthly pattern.

Benefits of Report Scheduler 

Some user scenarios where scheduling can help in providing useful business insight and create a proactive engagement are:

  • A daily report of new leads
  • Opportunities nearing the established closed date
  • Opportunities won this week
  • Cases created or resolved this week
  • Contracts expiring next month
  • Contacts having a birthday in next day/week/month

How Report Scheduler Works

report scheduler email received


The best part of using a report scheduler is that there is no additional effort needed to create CRM SSRS reports…as the report scheduler uses CRM Views which can be easily created or modified using CRM Advanced Find.

With the release of the new Version 11 of the report scheduler, we have also added the functionality to deliver data via attachments – CSV or TXT files which can be directly opened in Microsoft Excel.

To receive the CRM View data as CSV attachment, below 2 additional configuration settings need to be performed:

  • Check the Attachment option
  • Select Render format as CSV or TXT


report scheduler crm view


Report Scheduler already sends the CRM View data to inline in the email body in the tabular format. The additional CSV attachment option allows the users to directly open data in Microsoft Excel.

Further, this can also be useful where there is a need to extract data for the backup purposes (for creating snapshots) on a regular automated basis.

If you have an existing version of the report scheduler already installed then refer to instructions mentioned in the KB article “2.18 Upgrading to a higher version” for backing up and restoring existing scheduled records.



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