Copy Records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Record Clone

Even though Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is packed with functionalities and features, there are a few gaps, which if overcome, could increase your CRM productivity and double the fun of working with it.

One of such limitations is, repetition of work due to missing record-copying or cloning functionality!

Record Clone Add-on

record clone or record copy allows you to replicate any record (Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity, Product, Quote, Order, and Invoice) in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

You can just select the record you want to copy and hit ‘clone’ to clone or copy such entity along with its related entities and avoid reworking on a similar Quotation (along with its product lines), Order or Invoice record.

record clone


How to Clone or Copy a custom record along with its related entities:

Copying of Custom Record and their related entities:

In order to copy Custom and their related entities, we need to make certain configuration settings. Let’s take an example as below:



Here “Equipment” is the Parent entity and has an “N” number of related “Installed Accessories”. So when we copy an “Equipment” record, we would also like to clone its related “Installed Accessories”.

Navigate to: SettingsClone Related and create a new record as shown below:

active clone related config

Apart from this, we need to register the Clone plugin and also modify the XML file to show the Clone button in the ribbon. This has been explained very well in the user guide. If you need any help with deployment & configuration then our team is always there to help you!! Email us @ [email protected].

How to exclude fields that you do not want to copy:

Functionality to exclude fields that should not be cloned:

In order to exclude certain fields from cloning:

1. Navigate to Settings ➤ Clone Exclude

2. Enter the entity name and comma-separated list of field names that need to be excluded from cloning as shown below:



In this example, when an Accounts record is cloned, then the “account number” and “emailaddress1” fields will not be cloned.

Record Clone / Record Copy works both in on-premise and online versions.

CRM Dynamics is a great platform to build CRM solutions for small businesses and enterprise organizations. However, to enhance the platform, dynamics add-ons from different partners provide a great way to improve the user experience and improve productivity.