Work 365 Introduces more Payment Integrations

Work 365 provides more payment automation and payment collection options through its integration with leading payment processors like GoCardless and Stripe.

Reston, VA – February 12, 2020 IOTAP, announced the release of its latest version of the Work 365 with more Payment processing options for its global user base.Work 365 is a subscription management and billing automation application built on Dynamics 365 and used by Microsoft Partners in the CSP program. Partners use Work 365 from within Dynamics 365 to automate and manage their processes for customer subscription tracking, provisioning CSP licenses and generating invoices.As a Billing Automation application Work 365 now provides additional payment collection capabilities for invoices by integrating with payment providers like Stripe and GoCardless.  

Collection of cash against subscription and recurring invoices can be challenging without automation and systems. Automatic payment systems that support Direct Debit and Credit cards have different benefits and costs. Payment functions for creating and managing payment profiles must be secure and PCI compliantWork 365 automates these tasks around profile management and cash collection in a secure PCI compliant framework.  

Stripe and GoCardless help us cover a broad range of payment collection needs for users around the world including credit cards, and direct bank transfers. They are both also important because of their user base and their capabilities around recurring payments. These integrations allow us to provide a holistic end to end solution for users of Work 365 to go from quote to cash in their Dynamics 365 application. said Ismail Nalwala, co-CEO of IOTAP.   

About IOTAP 

IOTAP is a leading Dynamics ISV. IOTAP is the creator of Work 365, the leading Subscription Management and Billing Automation solution on Dynamics 365. Work 365 helps companies align sales and billing by automating the quote to cash process as a native Dynamics 365 application. Work 365 is used worldwide for its features around subscription management, self-service, billing automation and payment management. Work 365 is a Trademark of Work 365 LLC

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