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Latest Release 2.1

Work 365 version 2.1 has the following new features!

  • Fully compliant with MFA and security requirements for Partner Center
  • Notification Alert on Reseller Request when customer’s sign the MCA
  • Invoice Run Reports (preview mode)

Work 365 Release

New Version 2.1 Addresses Microsoft’s latest Partner Center Security Requirements and Provides Invoice Run Reports

Work 365 is compliant with Microsoft’s Partner Center Security Requirements. Get the details here Work 365 Security Changes for Direct Partners using the Partner Center. Upgrade Now to version 2.1 through the Help & About page. To set up the 2.1 integration with Partner Center, follow the documented instructions: Configuring Microsoft Partner Center Provider.

Work 365 v2.1 produces Invoice Run Reports through the Work 365 Labs initiative. These reports give you quick access to invoicing statistics and most error and success statistics.

Join us on March 7, 2019, at 11 am EST to learn more about Self-Serice and e-Commerce capabilities in Work 365- Register here at

CSP Microsoft Announcements 

Billing Change for Azure reservations & server subscriptions:

  • Effective March 1, 2019, Microsoft is changing the billing cycle for Azure reservations & server subscriptions from the 1st to the end of the calendar month.
  • Currently, the billing cycle is based on the partner’s billing period and this change affects the invoice availability from the partner’s billing end date +3 days) to the 8th of the calendar day (UTC) of the following month.
  • The change is applicable to all Direct bill partners and Indirect providers and covers Azure reservations and Server subscriptions only. Other billing remains as they are, although it is indicated that they will align with this new format at some future date.
  •  Please refer to this Yammer thread for more information.

CSP Direct Bill Requirements, and Indirect Transition Capability:

  • In 2018, Microsoft announced the new Direct bill CSP requirements. Go to this Yammer post to see the announcement. To review these requirements, you can reference the CSP Program FAQ v3 here. Microsoft recently announced that “Starting March 2019: all direct bill partners past their CSP onboarding anniversary month without meeting the direct bill requirements will be restricted to add new customers or new subscription-only as an indirect reseller. These (Partners can still manage the existing customer subscriptions in the same tenant but will not be able to add new customers or subscriptions as a direct bill Partner).”
  • Microsoft also highlighted a new CSP reseller transition capability that allows direct CSP Partners to work with an indirect reseller using the same tenant. This capability will be available for Partners with September to December anniversary dates. Note: Once Partners enroll as an indirect reseller using the new capability, there will be no option to reverse one’s status as a direct bill the only tenant. Partners should fully evaluate business needs before enrolling as an indirect reseller.

Partner Center Security Requirements:

  • Microsoft previously announced that MFA will be enforced for Partner Center access starting February 4, 2019. The compliance deadline has been postponed by Microsoft until a new deadline date is announced. Partner accounts that access the Partner Center UI and/or use the API must have multifactor authentication enabled. In addition, the MFA solution needs to be Azure AD compatible. Partner’s having Azure AD Premium Plan 1 or higher will be able to leverage this to meet the MFA requirements. Partner’s that work with a CPV (Control Panel Vendor) such as Work 365 will need to provide consent from an MFA enabled account for the CPV solution to continue working for the partner. Refer the FAQ for details.

Microsoft Cloud Agreements:

Microsoft extended the deadline for compliance with the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) for partners accesing their customer information and Partner center through the API. Beginning March 22, 2019 Work 365 will enforce the cloud agreement acceptance.


Work 365 Training Sessions

Bi-weekly Training Sessions

These sessions are useful for all levels of Work 365 users. We are looking for feedback on what questions you have, and specific examples or situations are highly encouraged. Furthermore, these sessions will be open-ended to address all questions Partners have. To submit feedback or a question you would like us to address, please send it here.

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  • Review provider invoices
  • Reconcile vendor bills with customer services
  • Manage invoices
  • Receive payments for the Billing Contracts that are set up in the system through the ability to create customer payment profiles and collect money.

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