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Upcoming Version 2.5 with New and Exciting Features

Work 365 Version 2.5 will contain many exciting features and will be available for Partners mid-late April. Some features to highlight:

CSP Microsoft Announcements 

  • March 2019 is the deadline for Direct CSP Partners to meet the new program requirements. Partners are required to have
    • Purchased a support plan: Either Advanced Support for Partners or Premier Support for Partners
    • At least one managed service, IP service, customer solution or application
    • Minimum infrastructure capabilities, including billing, credit check, customer support resources
      • This includes enabling self-service to customers
    • Proven growth and performance in these areas: usage, consumption, customer success management, customer base growth, Microsoft platform, and solution selling, revenue performance and growth
  • If Microsoft determines these requirements as not being met, Direct Partners will no longer be eligible to provision licenses for customers directly with Microsoft, and they will need to transition to a CSP indirect reseller.


Work 365 Training Sessions

Bi-weekly Training Sessions

These sessions are useful for all levels of Work 365 users. We are looking for feedback on what questions you have, and specific examples or situations are highly encouraged. Furthermore, these sessions will be open-ended to address all questions Partners have. To submit feedback or a question you would like us to address, please send it here.

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Latest Blogs

Work 365 Version Handles Microsoft’s New Control Panel Vendor Program Security Requirements and MFA

Microsoft recently announced new mandatory security requirements that tackle potential security risks from unauthorized access to the Microsoft Partner Center, the CPV program. A Control Panel Vendor (CPV) is an independent software vendor that develops applications for use by Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners to enable them to integrate their systems with Partner Center APIs.

The new security model from Microsoft is based on the requirements:

  • CPV Vendors and the tenants cannot store credentials
  • API based access must provide the purpose of impersonating credentials to access partner center
  • Use a consent framework to receive permissions
  • The systems and CPVs must be able to support any future requirements
  • Both human and system admin CPV users must use multi-factor authentication to access the partner center

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